Monday, May 16, 2011

To Each His/Her Own

Guys should not feel ashamed for owning porn. I keep seeing countless shows and movies of the girlfriend flipping out on her man for owning dirty magazines and I wonder, why? First of all, check the dates on the magazines. They are probably months or even years old. Don't jump to the conclusion you aren't giving him what he wants now. Second, those magazines (and movies) filled in the lonely time between relationships for guys. Much like vibrators for women. And I bet even though you have a man you still wouldn't throw away your special toys. So how can you expect a man to throw away a magazine filled with naked women? You both may just need them again someday.

Bottom line; guys need their porn, women need their vibrators.

Its just that women have the capability to imagine elaborate sexual fantasies to get them in the mood. Guys on the other hand need a little help. And come on, try to hold a guy back from buying a magazine filled with boobies is like keeping a fat kid away from his ice cream.

I'm actually surprised, concerned even, if the guy doesn't own any dirty magazines/movies. Where does he get his kicks then?

Of course what kind of porn he owns is the next question. If you're at his place and you find a Playboy or a Hustler, fine, classic even. On the other hand if you find several issues of Tiger Beat with the pages stuck together, then you have some issues to deal with. In fact, just leave.

So to clarify: magazines/movies that feature tits and vaginas = fine. Bieber and beastiality = no.