Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny Thoughts

We all have those random thoughts that pass through our minds and make us giggle to ourselves. After laughing to yourself you look up and realize that everyone in the elevator is staring at you, worried you're laughing at the thought of blowing up the building. I've wandered off, here are some funny thoughts I've had to myself.

- If you pinch a puppy, will it grant you a wish?

- I punched an elephant today. After I felt melancholy.

- Do penguins waddle because they are perpetually drunk?

- Cats...why?

- I sometimes hope the homeless man I've passed used to be the CEO of Enron.

- Annoying children should be forced to babysit drunk relatives, see how they like it.

- Do porn stars have letters of recommendation along with their resumes? "Shows great effort and enthusiasm" "Gets the job done" "Works well with others"

- I bought a Snuggie and purposefully don't use the sleeves. Damn the man.

That's all I can remember for now. Will keep you updated. Feel free to share your funny thoughts.

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