Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Religion, quite the finicky subject. And I am certainly not one to preach, this is more to explore and just to relate.

I was raised Catholic, First Communion and Confirmation, the whole deal. I believe my Mother raised my sister and I that way because she feared the wrath of her mother if we weren't raised to be good Catholics.

Once my sister and I had gone through our Catholic schooling, we didn't really want to go to church every Sunday, we're human. My Mother felt the same way. But again, we didn't want to anger Grandma. So on Sundays we didn't answer the phone from 12-1 pm so that our Grandmother would think we're at church. Funny thing was, Grandma did tend to call around that time, I think she was checking. Just in case you're wondering why she isn't in church that time, she's in the small group of people that goes to church really damn early.

I know some, maybe even many people who read this will be angry that I don't go to church every Sunday. Some will think how can I call myself Catholic. Let me give you some perspective on my Catholic experience. When I was very little, just beginning my Catholic schooling, my parents divorce was being finalized. Believe me, it was far healthier for them to be apart then together. And I remember distinctly how the people at church, even the priests, treated my Mother differently. Even the "friends" my Mom had made at church started to separate themselves from her. Tell me, is that being a true loving Catholic? I know divorce is a big no, no, especially in this religion, but until you know the reasons why a couple is separating, don't judge.

So that coupled with the ongoing scandals in the Catholic church I do have trouble believing in my religion. I don't think going to Church every Sunday is the only way to show you have faith, it's what you do outside those walls that count. And I'm still trying to figure out the whole God thing. Though I do find myself praying to him at times. If he is up there I prefer not to bother him, he's got enough on his plate, he doesn't need to deal with my petty problems.

At times I picture all the different gods from various religions up there playing poker and laughing at us.

Bottom line, whatever your faith, if it makes you want to be a better person, who's to say its wrong?

(although the whole suicide bombing thing is just nanners)

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