Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Mortician and the Baker

In a particular small town, the funeral home was across the street from a bakery.

The young man who worked at the funeral home liked his job, despite the morbidity of it.

He also liked the young woman who worked at the bakery across the street.

He never developed the courage to introduce himself to her, but took delight in the moments he could watch her work on delightful desserts.

He did find it ironic that while he prepped the dead she prepped the pastries.

While he buttoned the vest of a deceased grandfather, she put candy buttons on a cake.

Then the young mortician noticed the young woman wasn't working in the bakeshop anymore.

Saddened that she must have moved away, he went to work.

And there was the young woman, waiting to be buried.

His heart fell.

Wanting to keep the memory of her he kept a button from her dress.

At the funeral he saw the family that could have been a part of his.

The young mortician never married.

He grew old, and as all of us do, he passed on.

In heaven, we all return to our youthful selves.

And James finally returned the button to Sally.

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